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Team Building Experiences

What’s the difference between Where You Want To Be and your sister company, Out of the Ordinary?

Out of the Ordinary specializes in fun, competitive team building GAMES like Team Olympics, Video Team Challenge and Charity Bike Builds. Where You Want To Be creates unique team building EXPERIENCES such as our Give back “Good Deeds Bus Experiment,” our Bridge Building Excursion and Outdoor Meetings concept.

What sets you apart from other team building companies?

We’re all about sharing the Aloha Spirit, so don’t expect the typical team building programs. We believe in going above and beyond as our goal is to produce an experience so memorable that when it’s over, you’ll want to come back for more! In our popular “Good Deeds Bus Experiment,” participants hop on a luxury bus and see “hidden San Diego” spots. During each stop, something unexpected happens. Perhaps an Illusionist performs OR your team participates in an interactive Drum Circle or Dance Performance. To make it even more unique, the last stop could be a mystery Give Back location, allowing your team to do something meaningful like build trikes or fill backpacks.

I’m looking for a fun activity that’s one hour or less.

Our interactive Ice Breakers are ideal for groups who have limited time. They work well as a morning energizer, in between meetings or right before dinner. Our expert facilitators can guide you through a series of warm up exercises that will get your group out of their seats and talking to each other. If you’re looking for an outdoor morning activity, our Wellness Walks are a great way to kick off the day before heading into those long meetings.

Do you offer any leadership workshops? We want to work together more effectively.

We offer leadership development training that empowers individuals to better manage themselves while meeting the needs of employees. Our hands-on Workshops are led by professionally trained facilitators. This is an excellent component that can work in tandem with one of our team building activities.

I’m tired of attending long meetings that are indoors. What can you do to mix it up?

You’re in beautiful San Diego so ditch that conference room and try something different like our Outdoor Meetings concept. If you’re a corporate group looking to add a different twist to your meetings, it’s time to take it outside! Even better… incorporate a fun, relaxing walk into your meeting!

Dream Day Experiences 

Tell me more about your “Dream Day Experiences.”

Our goal is to always give our guests a once in a lifetime experience. So, whether you’re on one of our bike rides, a guided hike or interactive bus adventure, our mission is to take you to places that are off-the-beaten path. For instance, our Rent-a-Local is a customized, guided hike that caters to your preferences so if you love the beach, we would explore San Diego’s hottest coastal towns. If you’re into shopping or eating, we’d visit hip stores and trendy restaurants

Do your biking adventures include the bike, helmet, and a basket?

Our bike excursions are designed for all fitness levels. Your comfort level is important to us, so we ride at casual pace and we make frequent stops so you can take pictures and soak in the cool vibes. We offer several fun biking adventures. Discover Coronado is the easiest because it’s flat plus it showcases beautiful beach homes, amazing views and historical tidbits. Discover Pacific Beach/La Jolla is another popular option. Beach cruisers/helmets are included. A basket can be provided upon request. No beginners please.” Other unique team building programs include our: Building Bridges Excursion, Wellness Walks and Wounded Warriors Walk and Running Tours.

Tell me about your Guided Hikes and what makes them unique.

Our motto is – We take you where the guidebooks don’t! During your hike, you’ll not only get in your exercise, you’ll discover some hidden San Diego spots. But don’t worry, your comfort is important to us, so hikes are designed for all fitness levels. Our most popular hikes include Downtown San Diego, Neighborhoods of Balboa Park, Coronado and North County Coastal. Don’t forget to bring your camera for all those awesome views you’ll see!

Signature Urban Challenge Scavenger Hunts

How do the Scavenger Hunts work? What are people looking for?

The tasks are designed to take you on a journey of unique spots. For instance, on the Downtown Hunt, teams will visit cool roof top lounges with amazing views, hip hotels and fun restaurants & shops. The tasks run the gamut from finding historic landmarks and specific popular locations, to answering fun pop culture trivia. Every program always kicks off with a high energy warm up challenge

How long do the Scavenger Hunts last and which area is the most popular?

The Hunt lasts two hours but when you incorporate the introduction and the awards ceremony, the entire time frame is three hours. If it’s a private event, we can customize the length. If it’s a Specialty Scavenger Hunt, such as our Amazing Race version, plan on 3.5 hours. Our most requested are La Jolla, Balboa Park, Encinitas, Downtown, Mission Bay/Pacific Beach and Oceanside.

I'm thinking of surprising my staff and not letting them know what we're planning.

We’ve been creating team building Scavenger Hunts for corporate and leisure groups since 2003 and we’ve learned over the years that surprising your group typically doesn’t work. We find that it’s best to tell people what they are doing, and to remind them of all the small details such as what to wear (sneakers is a must!) and the importance of eating prior to an event. People don’t like to be caught off guard!

Is the Scavenger Hunt physically challenging? Some of us have bad knees!

The Scavenger Hunts are approximately 1.5 to 2.5 miles and all the routes are relatively flat so it’s great for all fitness levels. Your comfort level is important to us, so teams aren’t allowed to run for safety reasons

Is this activity appropriate for companies?

Yes, it’s an excellent team bonding activity! Over the years, we’ve had all types of groups from Fortune 500 companies to small startups. The tasks are designed to stimulate conversation and test players problem solving abilities, creativity and time management skills. As a result, people’s personalities do come out and you learn a lot about yourself and your team mates. While you’re solving the clues, you get the added bonus of a wonderful sightseeing tour because you’re exploring cool, hidden spots along the way. Our clients include CEO’s, Marketing/Sales Teams, Teachers, Engineers, Scientists, Health professionals, Law Firms, the Military and Faith based groups.

How many tasks are there and do all the teams have the same clues?

Each team will have 7-9 required tasks plus a bonus sheet that has 30-35 additional tasks. The tasks are the same for each team but they’re in a different order. The team that accomplishes the most and has the highest score, will be the winner.

What is a “Specialty Scavenger Hunt?”

We offer several custom Scavenger Hunts such as our Amazing Race version and Charity Give Back. In the Amazing Race formula, we incorporate physical & mental challenges like our Football Throwing Task and Memory/Obstacle Course. Our Charity formula includes tasks that have a “Give Back” angle. For instance, teams could build trikes or stuff backpacks. Over the years, we’ve blessed Military Families, Faith based groups and numerous non-profit groups through our Charity Scavenger Hunt.

Are your Scavenger Hunts offered only in San Diego?

We are a San Diego based company so majority of our Scavenger Hunts are here in America’s Finest City, but we can travel. If you have a specific city in mind, let us know! We currently offer Scavenger Hunts in Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Palm Springs, Charleston, South Carolina and Maui.

Is the Scavenger Hunt appropriate for kids/families or a group of friends?

Our Scavenger Hunts are all about fun, so it works well for families and friends. We’ve designed hunts for many birthday parties, bachelorette celebrations, anniversaries, school reunions and church events. We even designed a custom hunt where it ended with a marriage proposal!

Are photos from an adventure included?

There is no added cost for the photo gallery we email a few days after each adventure.  Our people are trained to get fun photos. We can also refer you to professional companies for photos/video.
Scavenger Hunts