Here’s a list of our Virtual Team Building programs.

TeambuildingFun Ice breakers

Feeling burnt out from attending too many Zoom meetings? Would you like to kick off your next Virtual meeting on a FUN note? Our time-tested Ice Breaker games are not only a blast, they’ll get your team laughing, talking and sharing stories with each other in a memorable way. These creative icebreakers can easily be executed virtually and can be used a variety of ways either to start the meeting OR in the middle or end of your day to re-energize your team! Some of our popular ice breakers include: Pay it Forward, Mr. Right & Mrs Left, Show me your Favorite, What’s my Line?

Family Face Off Game Show:Team Building

Survey says! Just like the popular TV Game Show, everyone is bound to have fun in this hilarious, wacky competition. And the cool part? You can experience all in the comfort of your own home! In this high energy team building activity, teams will be tested to see how fast they can think on their feet while answering survey questions. Teams of 4 to 6 players will compete “tournament style” followed by a Championship Final Round. This is an excellent Team bonding activity that’s a crowd pleaser. This game is the real deal – it has the buzzer sounds, the same fast moving theme music AND our team of facilitators are great at keeping the party going! Cost includes all coordination/planning and execution of the event; staffing, professional emcee/facilitator, technicians, buzzers, sound system.
Program runs 1 to 2 hours, depending on group size.


Test your wits and see if you’ve got what it takes, in our fun Team Jeopardy extravaganza! Just like the hit TV Game show, this is an ideal activity that brings your team together, in a positive & uplifting way. Questions can be customized to revolve around your company or industry. Cost includes all coordination/planning and execution of the event; staffing, professional emcee/facilitator, technicians, questions, sound system.

Virtual Teambuilding Cooking ShowTeambuilding

The Culinary Cooking Challenge: Virtual Edition is led by our high energy, fun-loving professional chefs. With the objectives of your team building needs uppermost on the menu, they will coach your associates on the fine art of cooking. Our chefs will work with the participants to further develop bonding, trust building, and open and clear effective communication.

Out of the Ordinary’s Cooking Challenge is a totally customizable experience designed to meet and exceed your team building or individual goals. The event runs 90 minutes to 2.5 hours.

San Diego’s Magic Experience

What better way to spice up a meeting than with magic! During this interactive high energy show, your team will be WOWED by our illusionist who will perform a series of magic tricks. And then just when you think you’ve seen it all, your team will participate in a magic trick together, culminating with your group asking the question “how did he do that??”

Virtual Smartphone Teambuilding Challenge

Feeling a little disconnected and out of sync? Maybe it’s time you re-energize your remote team and get them interacting with each other in a whole new way! Our Virtual Smartphone Team Challenge will not only test your staff’s creativity and resourcefulness skills, it will also challenge their technology and problem solving expertise.

HERE’S HOW THE CHALLENGE WORKS: Teams will put together a video using photos and/or videos that are currently on their smartphones. It can be family photos or vacation photos… you name it! Each team member will select a few images on their smartphone, and then combine them with other team members’ images, to create an engaging video that tells a story.

Teams will receive Virtual coaching from a professional TV News Reporter on how to craft a story and edit using your smartphones.

Remember, this is a VIRTUAL ACTIVITY which means team members will accomplish their specific responsibilities on their own, but they’ll need to stay connected and work together as a team, in order to meet their deadline. The completed videos will be shown during a high energy Zoom presentation, and will be judged on creativity, best storyline and editing. The team with the highest score wins First Place Medals!


This is a fun, feel good activity that gives team members an opportunity to bond and have fun, in a SAFE manner.

Call to get started – 619-917-6037

Neighborhood News Team Challenge Bring The Team Together, While Apart

It’s time to pay tribute to your favorite San Diego neighborhood! In this uplifting Team building activity, teams will pick a neighborhood and then create a fun video with their smartphones, showing us what they appreciate the most about this community. This is a unique program that’s all about celebrating San Diego’s diverse neighborhoods. From Mom and Pop businesses to quaint cafes and colorful shops, to historical landmarks and one-of-a-kind parks, teams will be encouraged to feature it all! And no need to worry if you’ve never shot or edited video on your smartphones. We’ll have a professional TV News Reporter on hand who will coach and guide you through the process. Thanks to technology, making movies has never been so fun… or easy!