Here’s a list of our Virtual Team Building programs.

Neighborhood News Team Challenge:

Looking for a unique Virtual Teambuilding activity that will re-energize your staff? Welcome to the Neighborhood News Team Challenge! This is an exciting activity that’s not only wildly creative,

Team Building

it gets your people outdoors enjoying the fresh air in a SAFE manner.

HERE’S HOW THE CHALLENGE WORKS: Teams will put together a video using photos and videos taken with their smart phones. The goal? Show us your favorite neighborhood and why you think it’s the best. Just like a real TV News team, you’ll assign responsibilities so that everyone has a role. Who will be the producer? Who will be the on-air talent? Who will be the videographers
and who will edit? Teams will receive Virtual coaching from a former TV News Reporter on how to craft a story and use your smartphones to shoot and edit.

Remember this is a VIRTUAL ACTIVITY which means team members will accomplish their specific responsibilities on their own, but they’ll need to stay connected and work together as a team, in order to reach their goal. This is a feel good activity that gives team members an opportunity to promote their favorite neighborhoods and local businesses, in a SAFE manner! .

Mastering Virtual & Hybrid Meetings

With more people spending time online, communicating your message in a relevant and effective manner is KEY. Whether you’re producing your first Hybrid Meeting, preparing for a video job interview, creating a marketing video or simply want to look your best on a Zoom call or TV interview, this coaching session is something you can’t afford to pass up. Award-winning TV News Broadcaster and now a business owner, Darlynne Reyes Menkin understands your challenges. Her career as a long-time Anchor and Reporter combined with her business & team building background, gives her a unique perspective that other media/video coaches won’t have. This is a customized coaching program that is designed to fit your goals. The sessions can be done as a private or group workshop. Participants can be mentored in any of the following areas:

Darlynne Menkin✔On-Camera Coaching

✔Corporate Video Training

✔Hybrid Meetings Consultant

✔Presentation & Interview Skills/Image Consulting

✔Shooting/Editing Video Tips

✔Marketing your videos

✔Public Speaking

Fun Ice breakers

Feeling burnt out from attending too many Zoom meetings? Would you like to kick off your next Virtual meeting on a FUN note? Our time-tested Ice Breaker games are not only a blast, they’ll get your team laughing, talking and sharing stories with each other in a memorable way. These creative icebreakers can easily be executed virtually and can be used a variety of ways either to start the meeting OR in the middle or end of your day to re-energize your team! Some of our popular ice breakers include: Pay it Forward, Mr. Right & Mrs Left, Show me your Favorite, What’s my Line?

Family Feud:

TeambuildingIf you love the popular TV Game Show “Family Feud,” you’ll love this virtual team building program. It’s just like the hit show – complete with all the sound effects, music and questions but now, YOU’RE playing the game and your team can experience it right at home. Cost includes all coordination/planning and execution of the event; staffing, professional emcee/facilitator, technicians, buzzers, sound system.


Test your wits and see if you’ve got what it takes, in our fun Team Jeopardy extravaganza! Just like the hit TV Game show, this is an ideal activity that brings your team together, in a positive & uplifting way. Questions can be customized to revolve around your company or industry. Cost includes all coordination/planning and execution of the event; staffing, professional emcee/facilitator, technicians, questions, sound system.

Health & Wellness: Hula Fitness Dance Workout

Getting back in shape will never be the same, thanks to our all new “Part Hawaiian Dance, part Workout” Exercise craze! This is a unique workout session that combines the beautiful movements of Hula with exercise moves. This activity is designed for all fitness levels and is led by a professional Hawaiian Dance instructor. This activity also touches on the meaning of Hula, and why it plays an important role in our Polynesian cultural roots.

San Diego’s Magic Experience

What better way to spice up a meeting than with magic! During this interactive high energy show, your team will be WOWED by our illusionist who will perform a series of magic tricks. And then just when you think you’ve seen it all, your team will participate in a magic trick together, culminating with your group asking the question “how did he do that??”

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