More Team Building

In addition to our Scavenger Hunts, we offer the programs listed below.

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These activities can be held at/near your hotel, office location, public park/beach or other unique venue.

Team Building

Electric Bike Tours San Diego

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SEE SECRET SPOTS ON AN ELECTRIC BIKE OR BEACH CRUISER! At long last! There's now a way to enjoy San Diego's scenic views easily and effortlessly. Instead of struggling up those hills on a road…
Smart Phone Team Building

Smartphone Virtual Video Challenge

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Smartphone Team Building:  Virtual Edition Bring the Team Together, While Apart If you’re looking for a team building activity that tests your associates’ creativity and resourcefulness as well as challenge their technology and problem solving…

Catalina Teambuilding

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Looking for a cool Get Away? Need a place that's fun and offers something for everyone? Our Discover Catalina, Day of Adventure is an unforgettable experience that features land and sea excursions, award winning restaurants,…
Team Building for Vets

Operation Bike Ride: Helping Veterans Move on

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Set your team apart – Do something different! Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was ride your bike? If you were like most kids, you probably have fond memories…
Team building

Arts Alive – Team Building with a Creative Twist!

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Bring your team together for an exciting experiential activity that combines Art, Giving Back and celebrating the So Cal Lifestyle! During this interactive program, your group will work with a local artist and together, you’ll…
Aloha Spirit

Sharing the Aloha Spirit

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A Cultural Team building Experience When it comes to managing stress, studies show that the very act of “creating” – whether it’s painting or working in the garden, can help dramatically reduce stress levels. That’s…
Wellness Walks

Wellness Walks

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Wellness Walks There’s no question we live in a noisy world. Everywhere you look, there’s people texting and talking on their cell phones or feverishly typing away on a laptop. As much as we all…
Corporate Leadership

Corporate Leadership Development Program

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Corporate Leadership Development Program In today’s ever-changing business climate, having the ability to think fast and act strategically is critical to an organization’s success. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or from the non-profit sector,…
San Diego Team Building

Charity Giveback Teambuilding Bus Tour

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Charity Giveback Teambuilding Bus Tour Good Deeds Bus Experiment We hear it all the time. Companies want to Give Back, but they don’t know where to start. If you’re looking for an innovative team building…
Walking Tours

Teambuilding Walking Activities

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Bridging the Gap: An Outdoor Bonding Experience  If you want your employees to THRIVE, fostering strong relations within your company is key. Our Bridge Building program Teambuilding Walking Activities is a powerful team building experience…
San Diego Team building

Outdoor Meetings

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Take it Outside! Who says meetings need to happen indoors? After all, you are in San Diego. Why not take advantage of our beautiful weather by holding your next meeting outside? If you really want…
San Diego Team Building

Fun Ice Breakers

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Fun Ice Breakers Let’s be honest. Mention the word “ice breakers” and for some people, they instantly conjure up thoughts of hokey games and scary trust falls. But that’s not our style. Our time-tested Ice…