It’s a simple fact. When employees are happy, they’re more productive in the workplace. During these unique times, it’s critical employers go above and beyond in making their team feel valued. That means providing your team with resources that will help them Survive and Thrive professionally and personally.  Our interactive, Livestream Programs are designed to not only uplift and encourage your team, they’ll receive the tools they need to lead a healthier and more energized lifestyle. 
As a Team building company, we are passionate about Health and Wellness in the workplace. And when we combined that passion with our Television and Storytelling skills, our Development Team was able to create a whole array of amazing original programming.  Livestream shows, engaging interviews, specials and more, it’s all tailored specifically to you. 

Original Livestream Programs:

*We call it The Best of the Best of San Diego and it’s exactly that.  A livestream, interactive Zoom show featuring all the entertaining and COVID SAFE things you can see and do in America’s Finest City. Think Entertainment Tonight but with a San Diego twist! Featuring Live Q&A with Tour Guide experts, San Diego Trivia and secret sightseeing tips, all delivered in a unique and upbeat, fun cinematic experience.   
*Fostering a positive work environment is something we all strive for. And now, there’s increasing evidence that if you want a healthy and happy team, it all starts with building a strong workplace culture. Our Personal Development series is a mix of real time interaction and pre-produced Video Segments. 

Show Topics include:  

  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Work life balance
  • Leadership Development
  • Managing Finances
  • Safe, Outdoor Activities 
  • Benefits of Team building 

Our talented Development Team is made up of Seasoned Team building Facilitators, Television Anchors/Reporters, Live show & Content Producers and writers. Let us help you keep your employees safe, happy and healthy!