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De-stress with Dogs/Cats

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Scavenger Hunts

Find your happiness with our furry friends!

Did you know that dogs can help humans reduce their stress? Research shows that playing with dogs can improve a person’s mood and increase their energy levels. For this activity, we will bring dogs from local animal rescue organizations to a park or beach community of your choice. We’ll be sure to build in time so you can learn more about the organization. Who knows? You may even be inspired to adopt a dog!

This experience can be a “Stand Alone” program OR it can be incorporated into your team building activity (Examples: Scavenger Hunts, Team Olympics) or Company picnic.

Cuddling With Kittens

For those who prefer cuddling with adorable kittens, schedule a “Kitten Crash” at your workplace.  This is a purr-fect way to unplug and take a break from your workday. As a bonus – your participation in this activity will help support San Diego County’s Kitten Nursery. 

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