Team Building

Team Building

Smartphone Virtual Video Challenge

Team Building Challenge:  Virtual Edition If you’re looking for a team building activity that tests your associates’ creativity and resourcefulness as well as challenge their technology and problem solving expertise…then you’re looking for our Smartphone Virtual…
Where You Want To Be
September 14, 2020
Team Building

Sharing the Aloha Spirit

A Cultural Team building Experience When it comes to managing stress, studies show that the very act of “creating” – whether it’s painting or working in the garden, can help dramatically reduce stress levels. That’s…
Team Building

Wellness Walks

Wellness Walks There’s no question we live in a noisy world. Everywhere you look, there’s people texting and talking on their cell phones or feverishly typing away on a laptop. As much as we all…
Team Building

Outdoor Meetings

Take it Outside! Who says meetings need to happen indoors? After all, you are in San Diego. Why not take advantage of our beautiful weather by holding your next meeting outside? If you really want…

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