Nurturing Team Wellness: A Guide to Motivation and Connection

In today’s unique landscape, fostering the well-being, morale, and cohesion of your team is paramount. Research indicates that when employees are both mentally and physically healthy, productivity flourishes, benefiting everyone involved.

As workplaces adapt to remote work and hybrid models, they’ve embraced transformative changes, offering new opportunities rather than challenges. While spending more time at home has been a recent trend, it’s encouraged individuals to explore different routines and activities, including exercise. However, maintaining a balanced lifestyle remains crucial for overall well-being. While some may have experienced feelings of isolation and boredom in the past, the evolving landscape now fosters connectivity, creativity, and renewed energy among team members.

It’s crucial to prioritize connectivity and physical activity. Fortunately, residing in San Diego provides us with near-perfect weather year-round, facilitating outdoor pursuits such as hiking and biking. Not only are these activities enjoyable, but they also offer abundant opportunities for exploration. However, let’s acknowledge the reality: will your team proactively engage in exercise on their own?

While we understand the benefits of exercise intellectually, taking action requires accountability and, ideally, an element of fun. As a seasoned Team Building & Tour business, we’ve been leading walks showcasing “Secret San Diego” spots since 2003—our passion lies in unveiling hidden gems that people wouldn’t typically discover independently.

This year, we’re introducing “Get Fit Walking” Adventures as part of our Corporate Wellness initiative, featuring diverse neighborhoods. These walks span four to five miles and cater to all fitness levels. From beach hikes to historical districts, our weekly walks offer a sixty-minute opportunity not only to keep your team active but also to foster connections among like-minded colleagues striving for fitness.

If you’re seeking a safe and effective strategy to prioritize your team’s health, motivation, and camaraderie, contact us to discover our upcoming “Get Fit Walking” Adventure dates. Reach us at 619-917-6037 or

6 Compelling Reasons to Walk with Us:

  1. Uncovering Hidden Gems: Explore new areas and unveil hidden treasures during our walks.
  2. Accountability: Joining Get Fit Walking ensures you meet your step goals.
  3. Inclusive Fitness: Our walks are tailored to accommodate all fitness levels, averaging 3.5 to 4 miles with manageable terrain.
  4. Building Connections: Forge bonds and camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts dedicated to staying fit.
  5. Added Value: Some walks feature insights from Nutrition & Immunity Experts.
  6. Culinary Delights: Conclude your walk at outdoor restaurants/cafes for added enjoyment.
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Customer Reviews

Where You Want To Be Adventures

Customer Reviews

Patti G, YMCA

Marc’s excellent leadership in helping organize a tour to help emphasize customer service skills through Where You Want to Be Tours was just the ticket for our staff looking for a alternative fun atmosphere to learn and enjoy the value of good customer service. I have known and worked with both Marc and Darlynne for many years and always found their enthusiasm for San Diego refreshing and inspiring. Most importantly our staff did too as evidence by the great evaluations we received from our time spent together!


Thank you so much for an outstanding event. The photo album and CDs arrived. The pictures look great “


Marc is someone I always enjoy doing business with. He approaches work as something that can be fun, which makes him a natural tour professional. I am a lifelong San Diegan and Marc opened my eyes through his great programs to aspects of my hometown I never knew existed.”

John D, San Diego AD Club

I have worked with Marc in several capacities. All turned out to be profitable experiences and provided high, quality marketing and Public Relations exposure for me. Marc and his wife Darlynne participate in a radio and television program that we conducted from Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu. Their accurate and exciting reports from the Resort created business for us as well as media impressions that are directly attributable to our relationship. I have also participated in and had my employees and coworkers participate in their San Diego Scavenger Hunts. They are great team building exercises, but for me I wanted to learn more about the neighborhoods that I was selling products in. I had my team do them to learn about the businesses in the tour areas and also for our Editorial team to learn about the current situation and past histories of the neighborhoods. I highly recommend both Marc and Darylene in any professional capacity. They are truly qualified people and as a bonus amongst the most pleasant people I have ever worked with.

Scott B, Daimler Trucks North America

Once again your team did an amazing job and our participants loved it.”


How does this sound: the sun is beginning to set, the air is fresh and cool, and you can casually stroll with a small group and enjoy finding things hidden from every day view. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon relaxing and moving around, and also a great way to entertain visitors with a tourist event that all will enjoy. The walks are designed to fit the aerobic abilities of all, they are easy jaunts on level ground but you will be surprised at the end how far you have managed to easily walk. This is a great way to spend a few hours meeting new people, visiting new places and falling in love with San Diego all over again.“

Amber B, UCSD

Thank you so much for everything!! The staff loved it and it was just what we needed to kick off the year! You two have been fantastic to work with and I hope we can work together again soon!!!”

Bay H, Meeting Planner

Darlynne, Marc and the entire team at Where You Want To Be Tours exemplifies the true spirit of San Diego & Southern California. Their tours are unique and fantastically fun. The tour guide are hospitable, full of energy and very informative about the history and culture of our wonderful city. No matter your group size or demographic, Where you want to be can create an experience that is fulfilling for each participant.

Reggie Parks, Food & Beverage Manager, MARRIOTT

Darlynne is exacty what San Diego needs. She is a wonderful ambassador for the city and the region. Her work at Where You Want To Be Tours showcases the very best of what San Diego has to offer and she does it with class and professionalism.”


Marc and Darlynne Menkin started Where You Want to Be Tours several years ago, and their business has just blossomed! I’ve used them on many occasions, to take clients and colleagues on tours and scavenger hunts. They know San Diego inside out, and love sharing their secret spots, whether on foot or on a double decker bus. They drop the K and keep the F….U….N!”