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Fun Ice Breakers

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Fun Ice Breakers

Let’s be honest. Mention the word “ice breakers” and for some people, they instantly conjure up thoughts of hokey games and scary trust falls. But that’s not our style. Our time-tested Ice Breaker games are not only fun, they’ll get your team talking, laughing and sharing stories with each other in a memorable way.

Creative Ice breakers can be used several ways – from kicking off your conference to using it at the end of the day, to energize your team from a long day of meetings. The possibilities are endless! 

Over the years, we’ve executed many ice breakers but here are some of our favorites:

Have You Ever?  This is a fun, interactive game that works for groups who don’t know each other, as well as groups who work closely together. Great activity that’s easy to do and instantly puts people at ease. Takeaway: Participants will learn unique things about each other.

All Together Now: Through a series of questions led by our trained facilitator, this activity is designed to get people out of their chairs, moving around and talking to each other. Takeaway: Finding something in common fosters communication, team spirit and unity

Pay it Forward: This is a crowd pleaser! In today’s busy world, we sometimes forget to compliment or even say thanks to those who help us. Led by a trained facilitator, this is a feel-good activity that allows participants to express their gratitude in a unique way.   

What do you see? In this timed activity, participants will be paired off, sitting back to back. Our facilitator will then show a picture to one of the participants, who will then describe the photo to the other person who must now guess what the photo is.  This activity tests communication and listening skills, and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

All ice breakers can be tailored to fit your needs.

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